huidi xiang
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The Fence Has Just Broken The Water Pitcher  Instructor: Piergianna Mazzocca Rice University School of Architecture Spring 2018


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The fence is the quintessential architectural boundary. It does not only claims, ensures, protects the existence of domesticity but acts as the signifier of the operation; it displays the performance of taming. This project views boundaries as speculative thresholds instead of physical delimitations. Fences are thus an estrangement tool to reveal that what they tame as a constant performance of carefully inexact copies of nature and reality. By reimagining architectural boundaries as interstitial spaces, this project creates a skewed domestic realm. Boundaries become spaces of mediation to observe or participate in the performance of domesticity. Family life, continuously under scrutiny, becomes an utter choreographic performance. This project is an on-going research project, aiming at exploring both design and terminology in domesticity. This board shows the important terms and references used in the process instead of the final product.