huidi xiang 

how to be an artist in minecraft

A project developed during the residency in 2021 at Ender Gallery, which is an exhibition space and artist residency that exists inside the game

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This project is an ongoing research during the residency, and manifested as a solo exhibition at the end of residency period. During my residency time, I created replicas of her artist studio (both physically and in another video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons) and attempted to live a parallel artist life in Minecraft. Taking on the role of an artist-labourer in the game, I also kept a detailed log of her every activity on the server for the residency period, creating a visual data record or ledger for the increasingly overlapping contexts of play and labour in video games - as well as serving to concretize her labour as an artist.

A retrospective text about the four exhibitions happened at Ender Gallery is published on BlackFlash Expanded

exhibition view during opening livestream

the game log spreadsheet in the minecraft world

the game log
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