huidi xiang 

Cheese Column

site-specific kinetic installation:  
foam, cement, wood, MDF, wheels, PLA, fabric, motorized toy ride-on train, modified robotic vacuum cleaner.

solo exhibition at Powder Room, Pittsburgh, PA

4/6/2019 - 4/11/2019

Cheese Column is a site-specific installation created in a renovated industrial space. In this work, I replicated a existing column, and then put the replicant on the top of a toy train which allows the replicant to move around the space. At the same time, the tracks of the replicant trapped a cartoon “mouse” sitting on a roomba running in the middle. Inspired by American classic cartoon animation Tom and Jerry, I consider the typical cat-and-mouse duo represents a perpetual power exchange between two interdependent forces. This power relation between this duo symbolizes the power wrestling between us and our built environment. Designing, constructing, and controlling the physical built space, we are also constantly modified and objectified by it. In Cheese Column, I used a seemingly absurd cartoon language to exaggerate such power wrestlings, thus opening up conversations on who holds the agency of our physical surroundings.

video documentation:

some comics: 

column view 

mouse view

installation views:

installation drawings: