huidi xiang

Installation views by YveYANG Gallery. 

villa woodstock 

site-specific sculpture: 3D printed resin, 3D printed PLA, flocking fiber, wood, cement, plastic chain.

This work is part of the group show Offworlds
Curated by Danni Shen
YveYANG Gallery, New York, NY

10/21/2023 - 12/02/2023

for more info, please visit Offworlds

About the Exhibition:
From the press release

“Offworlds brings together recent and new works by 18 artists...that contemplate the possibilities found in detritus, ruin, and an aesthetics of failure, which emerge in the monolithic face of “the end of the world.” In terms of materiality – from dirt, ash, petrified wood, cement, everyday rubble, to dismantled yet functioning machine parts – this exhibition further embraces the quality of being “off,” of being marginal, as well as marked by cyclical decline.

And what is “the end of the world” but a “downward turn of the Western anthropological adventure”? According to decolonial scholars Déborah Danowski and Eduardo Viveiros de Castro, to refuse this one central conception of “the world” as defined by promises of infinite progress and growth, is to allow for the greater coexistence of multiple “planes of immanence traced by the numberless collectives that traverse and animate it.” Here, at “the end,” modernity and colonialism leave trails of decay indeed. Yet as anthropologist Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing writes, “we can still explore the overgrown verges of our blasted landscapes” where possibilities for other visions of the future and worldbuilding may lie in the remnants.”