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       hello kitty is 5 apples tall.

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cheese column
       the orchestra
       aha, aha, aha, door
       mickey’s smell?
       rabbit-proof fence
       cute memorial
       bugs bunny ladder
       you owe me!
       toontown furniture
       juicebox kitchen
       nice to meet you!

       the fence 
       some old works

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drag to stack these 5 apples on the table!
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11/1/2019 - 11/23/2019
18 Wheeler Platform Shoes 

18 Wheeler Platform Shoes is a group show which includes all 18 current members of Carnegie Mellon’s MFA program and performances by local artists. Comprised of videos, installations, sculpture, painting, and performance, this inaugural exhibition is the first of many big parties which will bring CMU’s School of Art and Pittsburgh's art community together. opening:  11/1/2019 6-9pm 
closing performance: 11/23/2019

︎Platform Melwood Gallery,  Pittsburgh, PA

11/13/2019 - 11/22/2019
Etymology of Window 

solo exhibition that occupies frame gallery window front. 

︎ Frame Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA