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2024  i made it.
2023  grow oranges together
2023  the ceiling is sweating
2023  when held properly,
2023  villa woodstock
2022  cheese pedestal
2022  model kit card
2022  escaping bird kit
2022  metric system
2022  koala’s march gadgets
2021   playbench in the workground
2021   column on hold
2021   an artist in minecraft
2020  aaaaapple studio
2019   hello kitty is 5 apples tall.
2019   cheese column
2019   the orchestra

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Playbour Objects_model kit cardPlaybour Objects_digital object


series of physical sculptures and digital objects

This series of works is created for an exhibition that spans two gallery spaces: one virtual and one physical. These spaces echo each other not as a pure repetition, but as parallel lanes that alternate and evolve as they adopt and investigate formal and conceptual languages. Virtual objects stand in for their counterparts in the physical gallery and vice versa.
Each physical sculpture in this series is presented as an unassembled plastic model kit card, while its digital counterpart (viewable through a VR headset during the exhibition) is displayed as the assembled object. This invites the audience to be part of the assembly and play process while viewing.

09/09/2022 - 10/16/2022
created for the duo exhibition “Neither Here Nor There” with artist Lau Wait at Lydian Stater. Co-curated by Elisa Gutiérrez Eriksen and Lydian Stater. 

Physical Gallery

Playbour Objects_model kit card_see saw shovel
Playbour Objects_model kit card_elephant slide

CNC and hand routed MDF, 3D printed PLA
(card stand: caster wheels, foam, cement)
24in x 48in x 1/2in each

Playbour Objects_diagram_see saw shove
Playbour Objects_diagram_elephant slide

Digital drawing printed on paper
24in x 24in each

Digital VR Gallery

to the VR gallery:

Playbour Objects_digital object_see shovel saw
Playbour Objects_digital object_elephant slide

new colors released every week throughout the exhibition period on and can be viewed in the VR gallery


Playbour Objects_video_see shovel saw_360 view
Playbour Objects_video_see shovel saw_elephant slide_sliding

installation shots

detail shots

04/2023 update

Playbour Objects_model kit card_see saw shovel
on the wall

04/28/2023 - 05/20/2023
Part of the group exhibition “State of Play” at The Here and There Collective THAT Studio.