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huidi xiang

wip: a bird lesson

research, sound, objects, performance


lastest update: 08/06/2021

this project is partically supported by The Play Mountain Exchange

in July 2021, I was living in a mountain area near Steuben, WI, USA for a while. the first morning of my stay, I was awaken by a bird choir consisting of at least 5 different sounds. 

i have been using found bird chirping sound (mostly from the internet) in my insatllations for so many times,

but I never thought about  when, where, how, why they were created and who made them.  

i think the choir outside my window is a first lesson those birds tried to teach me. 

lesson 01 (in Minecraft)

also in July 2021, I started a residency program at Ender Gallery in video game Minecraft.

as a gamer with almost zero experience in Minecraft beforehand, i was surprised that Minecraft does not have an ambient bird chirping sound. 

since bird chriping sounds have become an important component of my practice, I decided to make the first iteration in this residency which aims to recreate my studio inside the site of Minecraft. 

my process is as below: 

copy01: a found digital model 

copy02: a 3d printed model (PETG)

copy03: a 3d scanned model

some testings:

copy04: another 3d printed model 

coming soon