huidi xiang

installation view:

from the eye-level of a viewer who is 5 apples tall:

measure table: 

time table:

history table:

future table:

space table: 

paper table:

aaaaapple open studio 022120201900210015213

research, text, drawing, site-specific sculptural installation

In this research project, I create an interdisciplinary design and research studio whose primary subject is cute cartoon icons and contemporary aesthetic of cuteness. I construct this studio between fact and fiction to cultivate an alternative realm to broach complex issues around contemporary pop-cultural imagery production, circulation, and consumption.

This installation presented here is an open studio event/exhibition of this imaginary studio. The open studio presents seven sections of the studio, plus one meeting section to show their customized standards and rules. These seven sections are time, history, future, measure, paper, statement, and space. Each section is represented by their working table and the tools each department is using or research outcomes they produce. And these working tables are redesigned again for the target viewers who are 5 apples tall, thus making each table around 3.4 inches tall.

Installation map and handout: (click to enlarge to read about how each table is functioning in the studi) 

To document the work, I also created a documentation table to simulate the eye-level of the viewers who are 5 apples tall.