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2019 © Huidi Xiang

rabbit-proof fence 


wood, acrylic plastic

Rabbit-Proof Fence interrogates the use of fences as instruments that dictate movement and accessibility, and to raise the awareness of the everyday ‘invisible’ yet powerful interference imposed on people. Although reasonably efficient, conventional rabbit-proof fences are still not perfectly effective: rabbits can dig far deeper than the standard design accounts for. Elevating the subterranean above ground, I built a frame as high as the average depth a rabbit can dig. The frame thus becomes a door, and the fence becomes a decorative lintel. 

The bunny-shape design of the fence further amplifies the shift from peremptory physical intervention to whimsical visual decoration. With such artwork, I reflect upon the recursive interaction between urban infrastructure and individual. Whereas infrastructure dominates the lives of the citizenry, individual’s personal intervention can destroy the intended functionality and ideology imposed on these structures.