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2019 © Huidi Xiang

what does mickey mouse smell like?


what does mickey mouse smell like? is an ongoing project. For this project, I track down mickey mouse’s smell through video footages, found mickey mouse objects (including official merchandise or fan objects), private collections and personal memories. 


I created this note for my imagined “authentic” mickey mouse perfume Eau de Mickey.

Top notes are based on the research I did from the video footages of Mickey Mouse cartoon. Middle notes are based on my imagination of the physical materiality of Mickey Mouse and existing Mickey Mouse mass produced perfumes. Base notes are my childhood memories. 

Dear Mickey, what do you smell like?


letter, envelope, post card from Disneyland, wood, found table frame

In October 2018, I wrote to Mickey Mouse, asking “Dear Mickey, what do you smell like? Thank you!” I sent my letter Dinsneyland. Around four weeks later, I got the reply from Disneyland, a generic postcard with Mickey Mouse family on one side and on other side with my address on it, which says: “Hi ya’ from your special pals! You pal, Mickey Mouse &Pals.” 


Eau de Mickey


found Mickey Mouse vintage bottle
perfume created from materials listed above in the notes
pizza table

Based on the note I made, I established a “lab” in my studio. Using toy cooking utensils, I created the perfume.


The “launch” view for the perfume. The installation was installed right in front of Carnegie Mellon University Doherty Hall previous air quality lab. 

The installation includes four parts:
1- the tv station(at the right lower corner): showing a video about my video footage research.
2- the research table: presenting the footage where mickey mouse use ear spray on himself, my letter to Disney, asking what does mickey mouse smell like. 

-to be continued-